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How many times have you been lying on the beach in the sun wondering how it feels to be the person on the board you can see surfing on the horizon? At the same time a voice inside tells you to forget it, that this is just nothing for you.

At first glance Windsurfing appears to be a complicated sport for which you need to be physically fit. However, Windsurfing is an aquatic activity for everybody because it can be practised in a more calm and relaxing way.

For those who want to start Windsurfing, Mallorca’s bays are ideal for first steps. You will experience exciting and funny times while learning to handle your board. Your skills will improve and you wil learn that Windsurfing is not as complicated as you thought and that it simply takes a board beneath your feet, a rig in your hand and a breeze to practise this marvellous sport.

There are beginner’s courses for all ages, and with just a few sessions you will soon be able to enjoy Windsurfing.

You will love it!

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